Straw Market

The straw market is the perfect place to find Bahamian gifts. Whether that is hand made bags or straw hats. The Straw market has a wide range of souvenirs that will remind you of your unforgettable time in the Bahamas. If you cant find anything in the straw market, you are already in downtown Nassau. You can find anything from the multitude of shops that line the streets. From Rum cake, to jewellery we are sure you will find something to bring back to your loved ones. 

Conch Shells

However you may not want to buy souvenirs from the straw market, maybe you want to find your own. If you want to find shells to bring home, the Bahamas is the place to do so. You have obviously heard of Conch shell. However you need to be careful as there are rules regarding the collection of Conch shells. The only time you are allowed to take a conch shell, is if there is no conch inside of the shell, and if it is cracked. If there is a hole in the shell indicating that the conch has been forcibly removed, then you are not allowed to bring the shell onto the boat. If you want to find other shells, you don’t need to worry, there aren’t any other rules preventing you from taking them. 

Sea Sponges

Sea sponges have been a historical point of income for many families throughout the Bahamas. Fisherman moved to the Bahamas and started diving for sea sponges. Families in the outer islands still go sponging to this day. You can find them from sellers through the Bahamas. If you are able to collect some of your own, it is a special souvenir you wont find anywhere else. If you are unable to find any sponges, you should try and buy one from sellers. As the business has supported families in the Bahamas for many years, but unfortunately, the sponging business is declining. So if you want to contribute the local economy, buy sponges!

Rum Cake

If you want to bring back something edible from the Bahamas, you have to try Rum Cake! Not only will you be eating this as much as possible when you are here, you will have to bring it home with you. Majority of the worlds Rum is distilled in the Caribbean and Latin America.

This has culminated in recipes that use Rum to flavour various savoury and sweet foods. Due to the hot temperatures in the Bahamas, handling and storing food became difficult. Alcohol and Sugar became a staple in Manny recipes, making them easy to store, and less likely to spoil. There are shops all over Nassau that sell Rum Cake. So make sure you pick some up for your loved Ones.

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