Clifton Heritage National Park

Located on the west side of the island, and one of Nassau’s few historic sites containing prehistoric Lucayan village remains from the 18th- and 19th-century. Including plantations, artistic wooden sculptures, and the Pirate Steps down to the sea. If you are more fond of diving, you can find Ocean Atlas, The worlds largest underwater sculpture. Jason deCaires Taylor who is an artist and diver, created this breathtaking piece in 2014. The piece has been praised by Bahamians and conservationists as it promotes coral colonisation and has deterred tourists from visiting coral reefs and damaging the wildlife. So don’t feel like you are missing out on a coral reef experience as you will see just as much aquatic life here, and enjoy a beautiful piece of art. 


The Junkanoo festival is a world renowned music, dance and art festival. It is held on Boxing Day and New Years day in may Caribbean countries, however, the Bahamas holds the most coveted competition. The parade is a competition between 4 different groups. Every year, these groups of me and women prepare their costumes for months, creating works of art in the process. Not only are the costumes something to admire, but the heart and Soul of the parade comes from the music. Goat Skin Drums and Cowbells are used to guide the choreographed dances.

The festivals origins could have come from centuries ago. Those who were enslaved on plantations in the Bahamas would celebrate during Christmas time by playing music and dressing up in costumes. After Emancipation, Bahamians kept the tradition, however, changed it to a formal parade every year. The origin of the name is still unknown. There are assumptions that it has originated from the folk hero John Canoe.

National Art Gallery of the Bahamas

Located downtown Nassau. A unique gallery that offers a glimpse into Bahamian culture. One of the only art galleries in Nassau that celebrates talented Bahamian artists. You can find famous artists work such as Amos Ferguson.

Stuart Coves

Stuart Coves is the main location that you can experience scuba diving. If you are coming from a country where you have dove before, you can contact Stuart Coves and organise a new certificate or if you just want to enjoy a shark dive you can do that too! Stuart Coves has bbee featured on Shark Week frequently, and they are experts on every species of shark. However if you would like to do a casual dive without any shark encounters, they can offer that aswell!

Atlantis Waterpark

Located on paradise island, the Atlantis water park can be a great family outing. It is located on Paradise island, which is an attraction by itself. The water park is spread across 141 Acres and is filled with things to do with the family. You can also find aquariums for the children to look at, and there are souvenir shops all over the resort. 


the Bahamar golf course could be an option for those who want to be more active on their holiday. There is also the Ocean cClub golf course on paradise island 

Rose Island

If you want to get an outer island feeling then Rose island is the closest option, only a 20 minute boat ride and you are on Mactaggart beach. Rose island, as explained in the boating section, has plenty to offer. One one side you can find coral reefs scattered around the island, and on the other, you can relax on Sandy beaches.

Straw Market

If you want to see some authentic Bahamian hand made items or just your typical holiday souvenirs, try the Straw Market. Located in downtown Nassau, this is a easily accessible market. It is close to Junkanoo beach and other downtown restaurants and shops. So you can make a day trip!

Arawak Cay

You can find some amazing food at the fish fry. If you want to try some traditional Bahamian food, Arawak Cay has many restaurants to choose from. Located just opposite the cricket club, and only 5 minutes from our Beach Front Villas, Arawak Cay and the fish fry are great tourist locations.

John Watlings Rum Tour

The national alcohol of the Bahamas in Rum, John Watlings rum distillery is downtown in Nassau and offers tours. This is one of the only Rum distillery tours you can do in Nassau, so if you are interested in distilling, you have to try this tour! You should also pick up some Rum Cake, its delicious.

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